Beginners Bulk Cycle


Items Include:
2 x Test Enth 250mg
1 x Dbol 25mg
1 x Arimidex 1mg

Cycle Length:
10 Weeks

Cycle Layout:
Weeks 1 to 4: Dbol 25mg per day
Weeks 1 to 10: 500mg Test Enth per week
Weeks 1 to 10: 0.5mg Arimidex per day

This is a basic testosterone cycle with an oral kickstart, and an estrogen blocker ran throughout to prevent excess bloat and gyno symptoms. Take 1 Dbol 25mg about an hour before your weight training session starting on day 1, and continue this for 4 weeks. Take 1ml of Test Enth 250 on day 1, and another 1ml injection 2-3 days later and continue this for 10 weeks. Most people find it easiest to stick to a same day dosing schedule for injections. (Example: Sun & Wed or Mon &Thur). Take half of an Arimidex starting on day 1 and continue throughout the entire duration of the cycle, and for 10 days following to suppress any estrogen that may result from the lingering testosterone.


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